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Mar 1, 2014 7:00am PST
and a combo. >> that is the beast. it has coca-cola-copocola kerry tupper's bonds shredded lettuce mayo and also correct that might bring a few of your friends to help you. that's a beast. what i love it is they have this really good sesame role. >> that when it is amazing. >> that's their number one sandwich. one other thing she's digging into his jewish roots on thursday evenings and offering some more kind of classic simple jewish sandwiches on a riot if you want to check that out. >> what a great idea. >> also on the jewish deli side of things. a lot of people talk about. i love shorted gold sting. and i love the name for it >>--shortie goldstein. >> this list as downtown area its name after the owners grandmother. just delicious corn base. i love them. he also makes incredible push from it. >> they do a very good rachel. >> one think he's really improved is now is making his own right bread. >> that make such a difference. and if you're a good bread maker obamas you can get double meat if that's how you want your sandwich about pastrami and corned beef take you back 1250. you could
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1